June 4, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree to strengthen security at the only bridge connecting Crimea with the Russian mainland after a deadly explosion. Members of Russia’s Federal Security Services (FSB) will work to ensure the safety of vehicles crossing the bridge and the crossing. BBC news

Last Saturday, the longest bridge in Europe exploded. Three people were killed. At that time, an oil train on the bridge also caught fire.

Part of the bridge collapsed. However, yesterday Russia said that traffic has started through a part of the bridge.

The bridge, named ‘Karch Bridge’, is considered a symbol of the annexation of the occupied Crimea peninsula to Russia in 2014. The Russian press has described the bridge as ‘the best infrastructure of the current century’. The bridge is used for the movement of Russian troops fighting in southern Ukraine, as well as the delivery of weapons and logistics.

Sergei Aksyonov, the Russian governor assigned to Crimea, said on Sunday that the train movement through the bridge was normal. However, light vehicles will be able to move over the bridge for the time being. Heavy vehicles like lorries and buses have to cross by ferry.

Russia said divers will go under water to investigate

The extent of damage to the bridge in the explosion. Quoting the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khushnulin, the media of the country said that the divers are supposed to start work from six in the morning local time today. Apart from this, the detailed survey related to the cause of the explosion from the water is expected to be completed by today.

Meanwhile, President Putin has called a meeting of Russia’s Security Council tomorrow on Monday regarding the explosion in the Kerch Bridge. In this meeting, besides analyzing the entire incident, the Russian officials will discuss the next steps related to security. However, the Kremlin said the meeting was pre-arranged.

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